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The drainage champion

Natural Grass and Sotren have joined forces with the New Green joint venture, which claims the title of French leader in sports floor drainage.

Chaired by Bertrand Picard, New Green draws on a long experience acquired in some 30 golf courses, including the entire Saint-Cloud golf course. This recognized know-how made them win the allocation of the drainage for the improvement work on the Golf National Albatros golf course (on which the 2018 Ryder Cup will be held). This work, completed in the spring of 2016, made it possible to set up 200 km of drains.

” You must never forget the fact that a golf course must remain practicable in all seasons.” Bertrand Picard recalls.

For the president of New Green, everything results from the drainage, indispensable to guarantee the holding of the grounds by preventing the water to stagnate there. The collected water should ideally be used: even if it is possible to simply send it in the water table or towards a body of water, it is more useful to collect it in a dedicated storage tank, connected to the anosage network. It is also possible to use the capillarity of draining soils to restore water to the landscaping. Bunkers are a particular issue: the sand that composed them must never be wet or totally dry. Those of the Albatros course have been equipped with Capillary Concrete, a very draining material that evacuates gravity water while offering a very good capillarity to maintain an optimal moisture level. The strengthening of fragile areas is a decisive item in creation or repair: traffic lanes, departures and greens are directly concerned, the latter alone representing 70% of maintenance. For these surfaces, New Green has developed the Radicalé substrate, a fibrous, draining and flexible mixture, which makes it possible to simultaneously increase the frequency of use and soil resistance.

Photo drainage New Green


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