AirFibr Technology


AirFibr is the first sports turf technology allowing a simultaneous optimization of the three following characteristics: shock absorption, energy restitution and yield point.

This very unique soil mechanical behavior has a key impact on the player’s limb. Hence a biomechanics study carried out by the Laboratory of Biomechanics (LBM) of ENSAM Paris proving that AirFibr allows a significant reduction of the risks of players injuries.

Here is a list of key points proved by the study:

  • Lower risk of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries
  • Lower risk of tiring joints (ankles and knees) and muscle fatigue
  • Lower risk of head injuries


Too soft surfaces

Too soft surfaces

When surfaces are too soft they offer a good shock absorption but a poor energy restitution, and low yield point. Too soft surfaces cause muscle fatigue. They are fragile, easy to wrench and gradually less flat.


Too hard surfaces

Too hard surfaces

When surfaces are too hard, they offer high resistance and good energy restitution, but poor shock absorption. Too hard surfaces increase the risk of players injury.

List of public publications and presentations

bandeau publi médicales

-Médifoot, the French Football Federation Medical Journal
Paper publication – March 2014

- 23rd International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation & Traumatology – F-Marc (FIFA) & Isokinetic
Oral presentation by P.Rouch – March 22nd 2014 – Milano, Italy

- 8th European Sports Medicine Congress of ESFMA
Industry cession presentation by P. Rouch – September 26th 2013 – Strasbourg, France

-47th French Football Federation Medical Congress
Oral presentation by P. Rouch – September 6th 2013 – Clairefontaine, France

-5th French Sports Traumatology Society Congress (SFTS)
Oral presentation by X. Drevelle – October 26th 2012 – Best presentation Award : 1st Prize

- 37th French Biomechanics Society Congress
Oral presentation by P. Rouch – October 16th 2012 – Paris, France